Manchester Care Homes and Cambridge Caregivers offer the highest level of care for the elderly and those needing short-term or long-term assistance. Whether assistance is required in your own home through Cambridge Caregivers or whether a longer-term assisted living solution is needed through Manchester Place Care Homes, our commitment to excellence in both quality of care and customer service sets us miles apart from the rest. 

Manchester and Cambridge are in a class of their own and are consistently rated the best in care by clients, families, and doctors. With a mission to provide the unsurpassed quality of care we would insist on for our family members, we have strived to treat our clients like Family since our doors opened in 2009. We are proud to boast satisfaction and longevity rates which reflect our dedication. We welcome you into our Manchester and Cambridge Families, and we encourage you to browse our homes and services and reach out to us with any questions. Manchester and Cambridge, customer service start from that very first phone call. Please call us: We’d love to help.

Corporate Office

12770 Coit Rd, Suite 1020
Dallas Texas 75251